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Update [Feb. 24th, 2006|05:56 pm]
My eyes are bloodshot.
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2005|01:07 pm]
[music |KISS - God Rock And Roll To You II]

In the last 24 hrs "have you"...

1. Had sex: Yes

2. Bought something: Food

3. Gotten sick: I am sick

4. Sang (what song): A Canorous Quintet - In The Twilight Of Fear

5. Been kissed: Yes

6. Ate something: Maple bar

7. Felt stupid around anyone: Sure

8. Talked to an ex: No

9. Missed someone: Yeah

Last person who....

1. Slept in your bed: Jess

2. Saw you cry: Jess

3. Made you cry: Philadelphia Eagles

4. Went to the movies with (what movie?): Jess...I think it was 40 year old virgin

Have you Ever...

1. Said "I love you" and meant it: Yes

2. Got in a fight with your pet: No

3. Been to California: Yes

4. Been to Mexico: No

6. Been to Canada: Yes

7. Been to Europe: No


1. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes

2. Do you have a crush on a myspacer: Yes

3. What book are you reading now: Nothing

4. Worst feeling in the world: Losing someone you love

5. Future KIDS names: 1 and 2

6. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Nope

7. What's under your bed?: Skateboard, shoes , and a pillow

8. Favorite sports to watch: Football and golf

9. Location: Spokane, WA

10. Piercing/Tattoos: None

11. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: None

12. What are you most scared of right now: Lots of things

13.Where do you want to get married: On the ocean

14. Who do you really hate: Minorities

15. Do you work: Nope

16. Do you like being around people: Depends

17. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: I think everyone has

18. Have you ever cried: Duh

19. Are you lonely right now: No

20. Song that's stuck in your head a lot: KISS - God gave rock and roll to you II

21. Played strip poker: No

22. Been beaten up: No

23. Done an all-nighter: .....

24. Been on radio/TV: Once on tv when I ran jr. bloomsday

25. Been in a mosh-pit: Yes....but not on purpose

26. Do you have any gay/lesbian friends: No

27. Was this worth your time: No
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2005|12:38 am]
[music |Journey - Faithfully]

Tomorrow...well today Jess and I are going to Silverwood. I havnt been there since senior year..Im sure it hasnt changed much. Luckly I get to drive my dads Outback cause it would suck balls if I had to drive my car there...I dont even think It would make it. haha. The other day I bought some new jeans...and guess what...THEY'RE NOT OLD NAVY!!!..holy shit satan is writing his name in the snow. But they look really good on me. What makes me kinda mad is I really dont like baggy jeans...but the shortest size I can find is a 30 lenght...they make me look like a midget. Im 6'1 and I have the legs of a 6 year old girl...ugg. Oh well...this is the weirdest entry yet...Im just blabbing about my short legs. Oh well. I really need a job. if anyone is hiring please let me know. Ill probably just work at OCB..haha..eww. Well Im going to go to bed now. I still wonder who wrote that comment on my last entry...Im about 97% sure who it was...but oh well.
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Razor burn....my arch nemesis. [Jul. 27th, 2005|01:01 pm]
[mood |Hurt]
[music |Moontower - Call of the black forest]

Tomorrow is Jess and I 6th month. Wow...time flys by fast when your going out with her, haha. No..but really..this has been the best 6 months of my life. I still dont know what Im going to get her. She said she will love anything...and I told her what if I took a dump on a box and gave it to her..she said she would still love it...so I might take her up on that...haha. Ouch fucking razor burn..I want that electronic hair removal thing so I never have to shave again. grrrr.
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2005|02:23 pm]
[mood |Good]
[music |Amon Amarth - Victorious March]

Note: All of my car accidents (5) have been with girls...and I wonder...why the fuck is there insurance cheaper than ours. Grr..stupid woman drivers. haha.

The other day Jess and I went up to Ford to purchase some indian fireworks. I love that drive up to there..expecially in my sisters car. haha. You go thru this little town called Tum Tum, I want to move there some day and have a trailer on the lake...haha. Even though I have a Old Navy sack full of fireworks from the past 3 4th of July's...I still bought more. After we were done I remember hearing from some guy I worked with that there was a casino not far down the road and it has the old school slot machines with the pull lever. It was only about 2 miles down the road from the fireworks stand. It was by far the best casino Ive been to. It was just a little white shack with a painted sign on it that said CASINO...oh yeah..to jazz it up there was x mas lights around the sign. There was about 30 slot machines and that was it. I only played 2 bucks and I won 1.25 on the 25 cent machines. I let Jess have her first taste of gambling and played a fee games and lost a buck. Oh well. On the way back we stoped by this off road beach thing and skipped rock. I fucking suck at it. We stoped at Dairy Queen on the way home...I have not had that for ever.

Yesterday we went to a show...some of the bands sucked and some didnt. I liked the chicken vocals of the last band. Haha. I met Danny girlfriend...very cute...you did good Dan. Then we went home and had sex. The end.
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NYC!!! [Jun. 10th, 2005|03:49 pm]
Ill be in New York til the 17th. Hopefully Ill find some good metal. So if you need me text me...dont call bitches!!
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Look the other way.... [Jun. 7th, 2005|02:35 am]
[mood |chipperWeee]
[music |Galgenberg - Brandstätte der Harmonie]

I shaved off part of my eyebrow today when I was shaving my head...haha.
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Oh Canada Oh Oh [May. 31st, 2005|01:49 pm]
[mood |boredBurnt]
[music |Mayhemic Truth - When 1000 Candles Cry]

Note: if someone actually reads this and dosent know anything about golf...your gonna be lost and not know what the fuck im talking about..haha.

This past memorial day weekend I went up to Canada to play some golf and a nice little secluded resort called Kokanee Springs...yes like the beer...which is brewd just 35 mins south...but Ill get back to that later. And when I say secluded I mean it. There was nothing to do there other than golf and watch tv. Anyway....this was my first time playing golf in 4 years!!!...so I didnt expect to come out and shoot par..ok well I did...cause Im one of those people how has to be good at anything the first time or give up..haha. I was hitting the great on the driving range the day before the round. But as soon as I stepped on the first tee box....smack...hook right into the woods...fuck. Now if you never been to this golf corse there is at LEAST 2 sand traps, trees on each side of the fairway and some kinda water hazard on each hole. So yeah...I think I hit everyone on the front nine. I managed an even 50!! on the front nine...haha. Well I got my shit together on the back nine and shot an 39....even the back nine was not a walk in the park...I earned all that 39. But one good thing I realized...I was even par on the par 3s...which are my #1 enemy. So a great 89 for the first time back...the best thing is I can still beat my dad..haha. One bad thing about having a shaved head....it gets fucking burnt to hell. Oh well...now I have a cold to top that off. Jess and I need to golf more...I remember how much fun it was. Well my face hurts..some im done typing.

Oh yeah...I found the church on the Kokanee beer comercial when he point "you can get in the there...you cant get it in there (and points to the church)
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KISS my ass [May. 27th, 2005|03:01 pm]
[mood |hotHot]
[music |Moonblood - ... And Snow Covered The Lifeless Bodies]

I found KISS Love Gun and the S/T on vinyl...both I got for a buck each..Woot!..Im closer to reathing my goal of getting all the GOOD KISS albums on vinly. I still need a few solo albums and Dynasty...ugg.

Im going to Canada over the long weekend to play some golf with my father and my sister..that should be fun...note the sarcasm. Im going to miss Jess...this will be the longest time we are apart since we got together....*cry* I dont know what Im going to do with myself. I better play good.
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OUCH! [May. 18th, 2005|12:49 pm]
[mood |Look @ entry title]
[music |Barathrum - Dark Sorceress (Autumn Siege)]

Im shaving my head was I type...I am a man of many talents. Also there is something in my eye a that if fucking killing me...FUCK...OUCH! Last thursday was syl...or whenever it was...it was a great show...dt is my hero. I got the drumstick (well jess did) that puts my collection up to 3. 36 crazy fists...haha..the drummer thru it out and no one went for it...haha...fuck they suck...GO BACK TO ALASKA! Entombed and SYL. Now I know why I bring Jess to shows..haha...Im kidding babe...I love you.
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